Adoption records will open in Spring 2022

This spring, Nova Scotia is changing how adoption records are accessed. The Adoption Records Act will allow adopted persons (19 or older), birth parents, birth siblings and other relatives to access adoption information if they want to.

However, it's your choice to share your information

If you're an adopted person (19 or older) or a birth parent, you can protect your privacy by filing a disclosure veto or contact notice. Changes take effect in Spring 2022.

  • File disclosure veto
    A disclosure veto prevents the Disclosure Program from releasing your identifying information.
  • File a contact notice
    A contact notice lets the Disclosure Program release your identifying information but lets the other person know how you want to be contacted or if you don't want to be contacted.

This change will apply to all adoption records. Even if you didn't give your consent to disclose information in the past or you filed: Do Not Consent form, you still need to file a disclosure veto if you want to continue to keep your identifying information private.

Learn more about your adoption privacy choices. | 1.833.424.2755

Your information, your choice.