Jane Crowell, Finance Manager
Phone: (902) 875-2991 Ext. 3

Jennifer Perry, Finance Officer
Phone: (902) 875-2991 Ext. 2

Tax Bills

Please Note:  A friendly reminder that CIBC and Scotiabank mortgages do not cover Sewer charges on your final bill in October

Tax Bills are issued twice a year, the first “Interim Bill” is sent out in April and reflects approximately 60% of the previous year's tax total. The “Final Bill” is sent out in September and is the remainder of the current year's taxes after the Tax Rate has been approved by Council. Taxes are calculated on the current year assessment divided by 100 multiplied by the current year Tax Rate.

Sewer Maintenance Bills and Solid Waste Bills are issued with the Final Tax Billing in September of each year as approved by Council.



  • Residential Tax Rate – $2.01/100 of assessment
  • Commercial Tax Rate - $3.88/100 of assessment
  • Sewer Maintenance - $260.00 per unit
  • Solid Waste Charge - $291.60 per unit

For more information go to Development Support Program.

Other Charges

  • Tax Certificate - $50.00
  • Deed Transfer Tax – 1.5% of purchase price

Address Changes

If you have moved or changed your address, please let us know either by e-mailing us at or by phone at (902) 875-2991 ext. 2

pdf PVSC address change form (629 KB)


For general inquiries regarding the balance on accounts, address changes, etc contact- Jennifer Perry (902) 875-2991 Ext. 2 or