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The Town of Shelburne Finance Department prepares budget documents for Council and works with the Town’s auditors (Redding CA) on the annual audit of the Town’s finances.

 The Town’s general operating budget is used to fund the year-to-year costs that provide the majority of services for town residents as well as annual maintenance costs for equipment and facilities. We are in a similar position as last year in the sense that we need to make significant cuts to the overall operating costs to present a balanced budget. Last year’s budget featured approximately 400k in cuts, this year’s budget will require an additional 200k.  

The operating budget can be described as containing both mandatory and discretionary service sectors. Mandatory services are those which the town is required to provide by the Province and include such areas as protective services, wastewater treatment, and roads. We also have discretionary services, which include such sectors as parks, recreation, events, economic and community development. With our current challenging financial position, in order to continue to be able to provide the mandatory core services, discretionary services are often the first areas to be scaled back. This was true last year as economic development, tourism, and special projects were all reduced. The assumptions being presented in this year’s operating budget continue this trend.

 The primary goal of this budget has been to focus on the retention of mandatory operational services. The reduction of discretionary services, which will shortly include a review of town-owned facilities and properties as well as shared services efficiencies, will be noticeable, but short of an Eastern Shelburne County unification, it is the sole means in which an independent town can remain by any measure viable.  

Please review the “BUDGET ITEMS” document below for more information.

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