CED1_-_Active_Living_Photo.jpgThe Town of Shelburne values the health and wellness of our residents and is committed to providing healthy living options within our community. Active living programs and services can provide a number of benefits to our community by strengthening families, building healthy communities, developing community leaders, improving the quality of life for residents, and fostering healthy childhood development.

The Town of Shelburne, in partnership with the Municipality of the District of Shelburne and the Town of Lockeport, has developed a Physical Activity Strategy to help raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, as part of a healthy lifestyle and increase participation in structured and unstructured physical activity within our community.

There are a number of recreational facilities located in the Town of Shelburne including, several parks and green spaces, tennis courts, ball fields, Grahams Park Splashpad and Playground, the Shelburne County Arena, the Shelburne Curling Club and the Shelburne Rail Trail. The programs and services provided are fun, affordable and accessible to residents and visitors and are fundamental to our health and wellbeing.

Also in our community is River Hills Golf Course and Welkum Park to check out and enjoy with the family.  Please click Here

The Town supports and promotes a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for everyone!