Elizabeth AckerElizabeth moved to Shelburne County in 1975 to begin her teaching career after graduating from St. F.X. Trained as a Home Economist she began teaching at LRHS and completed her teaching career at SRHS as a Guidance Counsellor in 2008. Elizabeth will tell you that her teaching career was an extremely rewarding profession. She was active within the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union as well as sitting on several Provincial Committees.

In 1989 she moved from the Town of Lockeport to the Town of Shelburne. In 1995 she volunteered on the Recreation and Parks committee which inspired her interest in municipal government. In 1999 she ran in a by-election which she won and then went on to serve as a councillor until 2012. During those years she sat on nearly every committee and served as Chair for Roseway Manor as well as Joint Services. The opportunity to work with other municipal units is something she always enjoyed.

From 2012 to 2016 she represented Eastern Shelburne County on the Tri County Regional School Board. Happy to be back at the Council table she recognizes the challenges facing the Town and looks forward to working with the team and other units to assist Shelburne in moving forward.

There are many assets in our region including our people, our community spirit, our diversity as well as our physical surroundings. The Council must be open to welcoming and encouraging others to move here and set up businesses, always supporting our present local economy. Elizabeth is married to Clark who is retired from Canada Post and they have two children and three grandchildren.

Their daughter Sarah teaches at SRHS and their son Stephen is a partner in Acker and Doucette Surveying. Clark and Elizabeth enjoy curling, travelling, gardening and time with family and friends.