The Town of Shelburne is committed to supporting and strengthening community volunteer and non-profit initiatives. The Town Council provides annual support to non-profit organizations in the form of grant, subsidies and tax exemptions and has created the Community Participation & Volunteerism (CP&V) Committee.

About the Community Participation & Volunteerism Committee


The CP&V Committee was established by the Town of Shelburne in December 2012 to provide the Town with a mechanism for coordination with the many volunteer initiatives being undertaken by community members. The Committee will assist the Town Council in coordinating with these community initiatives to ensure the Town is kept informed and is, therefore, able to support the work of community volunteers. It is the intention of the Town Council that the Committee will identify new and existing opportunities to promote increased participation in the Shelburne community through the establishment of ongoing non-profit volunteer initiatives in areas such as recreation, beautification and education.

Committee Vision

We envision Shelburne as a socially active community where volunteer initiatives in many areas strengthen our sense of community to the benefit of all residents.

Committee Mission

To recommend to Council the establishment or amendment of policies, programs and practices for community participation designed to support volunteer initiatives in the community, and to monitor and report on the effects of any such recommendations as are adopted by Council.

Role of the Committee

To research and investigate issues relating to the Committee Mission, to receive and consider representations by any individual, organization or delegation of citizens on these issues, to review issues referred to the Committee by Council or Staff, and to make recommendations to the Shelburne Town Council to address these issues.

Committee Contact

Jill Webb

902-875-2991 Ext. 8

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