Councillor Rick DavisI was born and raised in Shelburne. My ancestors were some of the first inhabitants of the community, arriving from Wales in the early 1800s. I love my home and live here with my wife Susan (Acker). I have spent my working life in a variety of provinces and professions, including Journalism & Publishing, Photography, Motion Picture Production, Electronics Repair/Engineering and Graphic Arts to name a few. During my career, I have secured international Patents and was selected as Canadian Inventor of the year in 1989. Currently, I operate my own successful business in Computer, Web, IT and Digital Media.

Over the past 15 years, I have sat on a number of Town and Community Committees and boards. I try to apply my experience with struggling through a very poor beginning, and towards understanding the issues facing everyday people. Especially Youth, Seniors and Business owners. Through business, volunteerism and community participation I continue to develop a close and personal bond with all segments of the community.

I believe in a "common sense" approach to solving problems and enjoy inspiring and enabling others towards achieving their goals with a "yes we can" positive attitude. I have spent my adult life looking out for the best interests of the community and the people in it. I will try to bring those talents and life experiences to the table, and I'm committed to representing the people of Shelburne, which I am proud to call my family and my home.

Councillor Davis may be reached by email