TITLE:                                      CAO-CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER



TYPE:                                       ADMINISTRATION                  

LOCATION:                             TOWN HALL

HOURS:                                   MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30AM to 4:30PM





  • This position is responsible to Council for administration and coordination of the delivery of services to the town residents and businesses in a manner that will ensure the effective utilization of the human, financial and physical resources of the town.
  • The CAO will oversee the execution of programs and initiatives approved and established by Council policies and any relevant governing legislation
  • Passion for public service and a commitment to leading highly experienced and competent staff committed to outstanding levels of service.
  • Responsible to conduct the Town's Strategic Action Plan
  • Must adhere to the policies and procedures of the Town
  • An approachable, outgoing, open and participatory management style.
  • Good financial management and budgetary skills.
  • Big picture thinking and the ability to anticipate problems, identify alternative courses of action, and prepare proactive recommendations and to defend and support those recommendations before the Town Council.
  • The ability to be an effective and articulate advocate for the Town's interests in discussions and negotiations with other organizations, including other municipalities, as well as provincial and federal departments and agencies.
  • Outstanding personal leadership and management skills.
  • A willingness to maintain a high degree of visibility in the community. The successful candidate will have the desire to enter into a long-term relationship with the Town of Shelburne and the community.


  • The successful candidate will hold a bachelor's degree in business or public administration, political science, finance, engineering or a related field. A graduate degree in a related field is highly preferred. A minimum of five years managerial service in a municipality, non-profit or private sector business, or a combination of these managerial experiences, is sought.


  • Conduct the affairs of the Town in a professional and courteous manner at all times,
  • Provide direction in the preparation of agendas for Council and Committee meetings.
  • Develop and maintain liaison with officials, groups, agencies, and government departments as is necessary to secure information and advice that will assist Council and promote the interests of the municipality.
  • Maintain a thorough working knowledge of Provincial Legislation and Regulations that affect the policy decisions of Council.
  • Ensure that Council receives staff reports on agenda items that provide a background, technical analysis, alternatives and a recommendation sufficient for Council to make an informed decision.
  • Provide advice to the Mayor and Council on agenda items during Council and Committee meetings.
  • Ensure that sound public relations are maintained by communicating information on the actions and decisions of Council to the general public through the media.
  • Adhere to the priorities established in the Town’s Strategic Action Plan and proceed with the goals in a timely manner,
  • Interact in a positive manner with the public.



  • The successful candidate will become the Chief Administrative Officer of a municipal unit with an annual operating budget over five million dollars, an ambitious capital works program, and fourteen full and part-time staff. The CAO will be responsible for leading, directing and managing the delivery of services to the Town’s residents and businesses, providing strategic policy advice to Council, and leveraging external funding to support Council’s objectives.


  • As a leader and facilitator, the successful candidate will support departmental managers and staff in establishing and achieving their performance objectives. The CAO will also liaise with stakeholders, other municipal units and levels of governments on significant projects affecting the Town. Skill and respect for the governance process and the roles of elected officials, volunteers, and members of the public is critical to the role.