The Home Warming Program is a fantastic program for low-income homeowners and thanks to being fully funded by the Province of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Power, it is 100 % free to all qualified home owners in the province.

The qualifying factors for participation in the program are home ownership and fitting into our LICO-based net-income brackets.
1. 1 person in the home - $27,250 or less per year
2. 2-4 people in the home - $50,635
3. 5+ people in the home - $72,113
We service all heating types (electric, oil, wood, coal, natural gas, etc.) and on average, people who go through the program can see an annual savings of up to 20-30% off their annual heating bills.
Please see the website below for more info:
We also have copies printed here at the Town Office for anyone wishing to pick up.