Town of Shelburne

Request for Proposals:
Zero-Turn Mower
The Town of Shelburne is seeking a commercial zero-turn mower and invites vendors to submit quotes.
Proposal Description
The Town of Shelburne’s request for quotes for a zero-turn mower must include the following specifications:
• 52” minimum cutting deck (maximum 54”)
• Heavy duty deck
• Commercial engine with a minimum of 24 hp
• Deluxe suspension seat
• Rollover protection system (ROPS)
• Minimum 24” rear wheels
• Hour meter and monitor
The Town requests the vendor to provide the price plus HST, availability, warranty information as well as information on a service agreement.
The bidder is responsible for FOB.
Proposal Submission
Proposals must be submitted by 2 PM on May 6th, 2022, to Sarah Mattatall, Manager of Administration & Human Resources for the Town of Shelburne (contact details below).
For any questions or clarification please contact Will Butler, Supervisor of Public Works for the Town of Shelburne.